Center for research and development
of electromagnetic compatibility,
thermal and radiation shielding and ballistics

Ing. Jiří Brázda

Project guarantor

Tomáš Jurka

Deputy leader of the research team.
Complete IT services.
Email management in cooperation with the Team leader.

Petr Moravčík

Communication with researchers and designers
of potential customers.
Technical elaboration of requirements for test mode.

Alexej Kudrjavcev

Management of material and technical basics of the project.
Purchase of A and B material for the project from specified suppliers.

Jan Sidorják, Ruslan Mychajlec

Complete management of technical documentation
for the production of test parts and molds.
Suggestions for technical solutions in the production of test parts.
Test parts production, elaboration of technological procedures.

Ing. Pavlína Urbanová

Comprehensive project accounting.
Fulfillment of the requirements of the subsidy title on record.

Lucie Štefková

Management of the project secretariat.

Activity of the Center

The development team, together with its suppliers, deals with special constructions of reinforcements (membranes) in laminates. The results of research and development activities will then be applied to production processes and enable our company to produce more technologically demanding products. We informed about our intentions and at the same time asked for cooperation between the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA), the Military Research Institute in Brno and the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Brno.
The activities of the Center would like to contribute to the solution in the field of ballistic and mine protection. The first partial results show that we are going the right direction, but we still have a lot of work to do in this area.